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Rule policies invoke specified actions automatically, when their conditions are satisfied. Rule policies are a set of rules, which are a combination of conditions and actions. Depending on the conditions, the system performs specified actions.


  • You have defined contexts in Customizing, under   SAP Customer Relationship Management   E-Mail Response Management   Define Repository  .

  • Approval procedures:

    • In Customizing, under   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities   Change Control Management   Standard Configuration   Transaction Types   Approval Settings   Define Approval Settings  , you have specified whether the system is to determine the approval procedure by the rule modeler or by default.

    • You have created two rules for approval management. For more information, see the Customizing documentation, under   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities   Change Control Management   Standard Configuration   Transaction Types   Approval Settings   Create Approval Procedure Rules  .

  • If you want to use the rule policy to dispatch requests for change or service requests, to the appropriate persons, you have assigned the dispatching service manager profile to the transaction types, under   SAP Customer Relationship Management   Transactions   Additional Settings   Assign Dispatching Rule Profiles to Transaction Types  .


  • You can define rules for processing service requests or requests for change, which specify who performs which processing step, in which order.

  • In Change Request Management, you can specify rules for approval procedures.

  • You can display and edit rule policies in the WebClient UI, under   Service Operations   Rule Policies  . In the search screen, if you choose a context, the related rule polices are displayed:

    • “Approval Management” displays the rule policies for approval procedures in change request management.

    • “Service Request Management” displays the IT Service Management rule policies.

    • “Checklist Determination” displays the rule policies for checklists.

  • You can use rule policies to specify which checklists are used, and which processors the system assigns to the checklist steps. For more information, see Using Check Lists.

  • If you choose   More   Dispatch   in a request for change or a service request, the system finds the next available service team, according to the rule policies.

More Information

For information on the prerequisites for using rule policies, and how to create, edit and enhance rule policies, see   SAP Help Portal for SAP CRM (   Application Help   Basic Functions   Rule Modeler  .