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Defining variant categories allows you to ensure that personal or other critical data can only be accessed by users authorized to do so. To do so, you can assign analysis variants to variant categories and then allow certain users to display only analysis variants of certain variant categories.

For more information about Authorizations, see Assigning Roles and Authorizations As an Administrator.


  1. In the Business Process Operations work center, under Common Tasks, choose Business Process Analytics.

  2. On the Key Figure Variants tab page, choose the Maintain Variant Categories and Figure Variants link.

  3. Enter a name and a description.

  4. Choose Create.

  5. To assign an analysis variant to a variant category, do the following:

    1. On the Variant Assignment tab page, select a variant category.

    2. Under Available Variants, select the analysis variant you want to assign to the variant category.

    3. Choose Add.

      The variant is displayed under Assigned Variants.