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For the DVM Planning Dashboard apps, you configure which of the systems and application areas you want to display.


You have set up the managed systems in the SAP Solution Manager Configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP), in the Data Volume Management scenario, steps Technical Preparation to Create Template Users.

  1. In the DVM Planning Dashboard, call the Overview app.

  2. Choose Config.

  3. Configure the apps as follows:

    • To configure which systems and application areas are displayed in the apps, select the systems and application areas.

    • To determine the systems and application areas with the largest amounts of data, in the Select Top Item(s) field, enter the number of items to display, and choose Apply.

    • To determine the potential effects of data reduction measures, for each system or application area, configure the residence time. The shorter the residence time of the data in the online system, the greater the potential effects of data reduction measures.

    Note Note

    Every time you configure the dashboard, the Overview app is displayed in maximized view.

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