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You can carry out the change impact analyses for individual objects. You can enter the object names directly or import them via a CSV file.


  1. Expand the information area Change Impact Analysis.

  2. Under 1., choose analysis type Object List.

  3. Under 2., specify the system and client containing the objects that you want to change.

  4. Under 3. in the Object Type or Object Name fields, choose the input help.

  5. Enter the object selection data

    Note Note

    To avoid long response times for the input help, specify the selection conditions as precisely as possible. Fill at least the Object Type field and restrict the object name or the higher-level object as precisely as possible using wildcards. If this is not possible, enter the package or the object owner.

    End of the note.
  6. Select the objects you require and choose OK.

    The selected objects are copied into the change impact analysis selection screen.

  7. You can download the list of objects as an XLS file. To do this, choose Download.

    You can save this XLS file with Excel as a CSV file. You can upload the CSV file later for further analyses by choosing Upload, which imports the object list.