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Procedure documentationCreating Transport Requests for Non-ABAP Objects Locate this document in the navigation structure


You have the authorization role SAP_CTS_PLUS.


Procedure in Transport Organizer Web UI
  1. Start Transport Organizer Web UI.

  2. Choose Create Request.

    Enter a short description in the Create Request dialog box.

    Optional: Enter the project and a responsible user (if necessary) for the transport request.

    If you want to use this request for your next transport into the non-ABAP applications, set the Preselect Request flag.

    For more information, see Preselecting Transport Requests.

Procedure in Transport Organizer Classic UI (SE09)

This procedure only applies to dual-stack systems.

  1. In your CTS system, call transaction SE09.

  2. On the Transport Organizer screen, create a transport request with the type Workbench Request.

Note Note

You can delete transport requests with non-ABAP objects in both Transport Organizer Classic UI and Transport Organizer Web UI so long as they have the request status Modifiable. You cannot delete released requests.

End of the note.