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You can use Business Process and Interface Monitoring with SAP Solution Manager to detect and solve problems before critical situations arise. Avoid costly system or business process downtimes and reduce the risk of data inconsistencies.

Graphical displays provide an overview of entire business processes. They automatically collect application-specific key figures.

Business process and interface monitoring can be called from the Business Processes work center.

  • You can add information to business processes and interfaces which you specified in solutions.

  • You can select business processes and interfaces, and create reports for them.

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Business process monitoring (including interface monitoring) in SAP Solution Manager, uses the Computing Center Management System (CCMS) architecture (transaction: RZ20). This means: RFC connection forward alerts in the local CCMS, to the SAP Solution Manager.

  • You can process alerts without having to go to the local CCMS.

  • You can also manage and monitor non-SAP systems in a central CCMS (CEN).

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To use business process and interface monitoring, proceed as follows:

  1. You create a monitoring concept. In doing so, you define the required technical information for business critical steps or interfaces. You specify which criteria are decisive and which threshold values must be reached or must not be exceeded. For more information, see Defining and Displaying Technical Requirements.

  2. To technically implement your technical requirements, create the business process or interface monitor objects that you want to monitor. You determine the key figures that can be used to measure whether your technical requirements have been met and define the threshold values for generating alerts. For more information, see Setting Up Monitoring Objects.

  3. You monitor the status of the key figures collected by the monitor objects in the alert inbox. For particularly critical business processes, you can create notifications (for example, by e-mail or SMS) when you set up the monitoring objects. That way, you can react immediately. For more information, see Alert Inbox.

  4. You extract the data recorded in business process monitoring to an SAP NetWeaver BW system. Once you have done that, you can use the data to determine the trends of the last few weeks or months. You can identify problem situations early and take appropriate measures. For more information, see Reports: Business Processes Operations

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