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In the context of job scheduling management, you want to assign job documentation to a job request, and you want to update this documentation with the data from the job request.


  • You have created or changed a job request in the SAP Solution Manager.

    For more information, see Job Request.

  • You are authorized for the Service Desk.

  • You have made the necessary system settings for job scheduling.

    For more information, see Customizing for SAP Solution Manager under   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities (Optional)   Job Scheduling Management  .

  • You have made the necessary system settings for the Service Desk.

    For more information, see the SAP Solution Manager Customizing at   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities (Optional)   Service Desk  .


  1. In the Job Management work center, choose the Job Request view.

  2. In the worklist, choose a query from one category (for example To be processed by me) and select a line in the detail area.

  3. In the CRM Document column, click a link.

    The system opens the Web client for further processing.

  4. Navigate to the Job Scheduling Management assignment block.

  5. Check whether all required data and attributes of the job request are available and supplement missing entries until the system no longer reports any errors.

  6. Set the status from New to In Process.

    You can enter a business partner in the Processor field. If you do not enter a processor, your business partner number is entered automatically. You can only perform the following steps if you are the processor.

  7. To compare the changes to the job documentation with the job request, choose Compare Job Documentation.

  8. To copy the data from the job request to the job documentation, choose the Copy Job Documentation.

More Information

For more information, see Displaying Job Requests.