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As of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP5, you edit information about product systems, technical systems, and hosts in the Landscape Management Database (LMDB), no longer in the SAP Solution Manager System Landscape (SMSY). (For information about the general differences between LMDB and SMSY, see SAP Note 1679673.)

Some SAP Solution Manager applications still get their landscape information from SMSY, so all relevant technical system information in the LMDB is synchronized into SMSY continuously.

You can still edit product systems and technical systems in SMSY if they do not yet exist in the LMDB. The main use case for this is an upgrade from SAP Solution Manager 7.1 releases lower than SP05: Before you migrate SMSY data to the LMDB, a system clean-up in SMSY is recommended. Keep in mind that Technical Operations and Maintenance Transactions need a system description in the LMDB.


You have completed the following activities:

  • You have performed the basic configuration of LMDB in the SAP Solution Manager Configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP).

  • You have activated and synchronized SLD and LMDB.

  • Required user in SAP Solution Manager: The SAP Solution Manager batch user (for example SOLMAN_BTC), which was created during SAP Solution Manager Configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP), is used automatically.


The synchronization from the LMDB to SMSY is automatic and unidirectional. Data is written into SMSY in the following ways:

  1. Automatic synchronization of changes from SLD

    When changes are written from the SLD to the LMDB, they are written into the LMDB change log. If there were changes, the system descriptions are synchronized with SMSY, at least every 5 minutes.

  2. Automatic synchronization of manual changes made in LMDB

    When you save changes that you made in the LMDB manually, the system replicates the changes immediately to SMSY.

In addition, you can migrate system information to LMDB that you entered manually in earlier releases of the SAP Solution Manager System Landscape tool (transaction SMSY). This is a one-time activity during the LMDB setup.

For more information, see Migrate System Information from SMSY to LMDB.