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Process documentation Quick Guide: Setting Up Customizing Distribution  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The Quick Guide lists the minimum activities you must perform to make the basic Customizing Distribution settings. You can use it for reference, as a quick reference, or as a checklist.

The detailed information refers to other sources of information in which the listed activities are described in more detail.


Depending on your role, you have:

      Authorization to set up Customizing Distribution as system administrator

      Authorization to customize the source and target systems as a customizer

The system settings allow customizing to be recorded in transport requests in the source client (transaction SCC4).

For detailed information about authorizations and client-specific system settings, see: Prerequisites for Customizing Distribution and Scout

Process Flow

The following activities apply for the initial distribution, automatic distribution, and manual distribution of Customizing settings with Customizing Distribution, except where stated otherwise.


Required Activities


Check minimum technical requirements

Configuration Guide: Solution Manager <release> on SAP Service Marketplace /instguides SAP Solution Manager: Relevant chapter for use case “Implementation and Distribution”, keyword: Customizing Distribution

System landscape
(transaction SMSY)

      Landscape component Systems: record systems involved in distribution, centrally

      Clients tab: Generate client-specific RFC connections for each product instance:

       If no client information has been imported yet: Generate RFC connections and read users to update system data

       Set up trusted system RFC connection for customizing synchronization

       Return RFC to check locks:
Selection of RFC connections from <SYS_ZIEL> to <SYS_SOLMAN>, client XYZ

Prerequisites for Customizing-Distribution and Customizing Scout

SAP Solution Manager: Project Administration
(transaction: SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN)

      Create Solution Manager Project (Type: Implementation Project)

      Tab: System Landscape/Systems:

       Define logical components with products/product versions

       Assign logical systems for system role to development system (corresponds to distribution source and target systems)

      Tab: System Landscape/IMG Projects:

       Generate IMG projects for logical systems (development systems), with the same name

       Generate transport requests for IMG projects, and tasks for customizers in source and target requests, at the same time


       Initial distribution only needs a transport request in the target system.

Create/Change Project;
especially System Landscape Tab

Set Up Customizing Distribution: Overview
(transaction SCDT_SETUP)


      If some synchronization objects have been defined, for example, to map customer-specific objects
(transaction SCDT_MAPPING in the target system)

Synchronization Object Specification Tool

      For cross-component distribution (for example, from SAP R/3 to SAP MDM) or for defined user objects: Load synchronization objects from target system
Load Object Lists menu in the Set Up Customizing Distribution: Overview initial screen)

Create and Load Synchronization Objects


      If synchronization groups that are not predefined by SAP are used: Define synchronization groups in the editor (choose Goto Synchronization Group Editor in the Set Up Customizing Distribution: Overview initial screen)

Create Synchronization Group

      Recommendation Recommendation: If there are several transport requests in the target client: Assign source and target transports by IMG project
Assign Transport Request in Set Up Customizing Distribution: Details detail screen )

Assign Transport Requests to Source and Target System

      Set Up Customizing Distribution: Details: Automatic or manual distribution:

       Select synchronization group from input help

       Select source IMG project for distribution-relevant transports

       Specify distribution type and source system

       Specify distribution target system(s)

      NoteIf you have problems with automatic (transport-controlled) distribution, set up distribution in the Customizing Distribution: Details screen:

       Trigger manual distribution of transports (Goto Customizing Distribution: Individual Transport) or

       Trigger redistribution of failed distributions of a project (Edit Automatic Redistribution after Errors)

Set Up Automatic Customizing Distribution,

Start Initial Distribution,

Distribute Individual Transport Manually,

Automatic Redistribution after Errors

      Analyze Customizing Distribution Logs
Customizing Distribution: Logs menu in the Set-Up Customizing Distribution : Overview initial screen)

Log Customizing Distribution



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