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Procedure documentationMonitoring Scheduled Jobs with the BC-XBP Interface Locate this document in the navigation structure


You use this procedure to create a scheduling overview in a personal object worklist (POWL). You create queries with criteria relevant for monitoring standard jobs.


You have scheduled jobs.


  1. To call up the scheduling overview, choose the Job Scheduling view in the Job Management work center under Job Monitoring.

  2. Choose Specify New Query.

  3. In Quick Criteria Maintenance, select the appropriate System Category. The following values are possible:

    • Manual

      Use this value to specify that the managed system that you manually enter under system:client with the syntax <system ID>:<client> is to be evaluated. You can specify multiple systems using multiple selection.

    • Solution

      Use this value to specify that all systems in the solution that you select in the Solution field are to be evaluated.

    • Project

      Use this value to specify that all systems for the project that you select in the Project field are to be evaluated.

    • IBase

      Use this value to define that all systems in the project assigned to the business partner of the scheduling user are to be evaluated.

  4. Select additional relevant search criteria, for example:

    • One or more explicit statuses, such as Scheduled or Released

    • Start and End Date

    • Jobs without Documentation

      Note Note

      If you do not edit any job documentation templates, this evaluation is suitable for you.

      End of the note.
  5. Using the input help for the Job Name field, for example, define one or more standard jobs.

    Example Example

    You select the following standard jobs, for example:



    End of the example.
  6. To run the query, choose Complete. The system shows the search result in the table.

    For standard jobs, the evaluation result displays a table with the start time, status, duration and start delay, among other information. If a standard job is selected, the detail area displays job log information.