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Use the transport workflow to automate your transport process. It is an efficient way of transporting selected requests in your system landscape. An explicit approval step before the import guarantees the quality of the target system.


Process Flow

You display the TMS worklist in TMS and choose a transport proposal for processing.

When you are approving a transport proposal, you can add requests to the proposal, or delete requests from it, change the list of target systems, and change the import time and import options. In this case, create a system message for the developers. Then you check the transport proposal and either approve or reject it.

If you need to restart the import for a transport proposal it means that an approved transport proposal has encountered import errors. Remove the errors and restart the import.


When you have approved the transport proposal, the requests contained in the proposal are automatically imported into the specified target systems.

If you reject the transport proposal, it is placed back in the transport proposal inbox. The transport proposal can then be modified and placed in the TMS worklist again.