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Procedure documentationAttaching Non-ABAP Objects Directly in the Application Locate this document in the navigation structure


To attach non-ABAP objects directly to a transport request from your non-ABAP application, you must connect your application to Change and Transport System.

For more information on which non-ABAP applications this is possible for, see Transporting Non-ABAP Objects in the Change and Transport System.


Note Note

The UIs are different, depending on the application. Therefore the following procedure describes a generic attachment process.

For more information, see the online documentation for the relevant application.

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  1. Log on to the application with your user and password.

  2. Make your changes and create a transportable object (such as a transport package in a Portal system).

  3. Select this transportable object and choose the relevant release function (Export or Release, for example, depending on the application).

    Depending on the transport strategy chosen in your source system, the system creates a new transport request, or uses the request preselected by this user.

    Note Note

    If a preselected request is not available, and you set the parameter WBO_GET_REQ_STRATEGY to the value Smart or Create when you configured the source system, the system creates a new transport request.

    If no request is available for your user, you can use the option Transport Requests to create a request or preselect an existing request. However, you must have the correct authorizations in CTS.

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  4. Confirm the export.

    The application passes the object to CTS, where it is attached to the transport request.

    Depending on the application, a link is displayed, from which you can launch Transport Organizer Web UI.

  5. If you do not want to add any additional objects to the preselected transport request, release it manually in the Transport Organizer Web UI.

    If you set the parameter WBO_REL_REQ_STRATEGY to Auto in your source system settings, the transport request is released automatically.