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You enter the administrative data for your project on the General Data tab.


You have defined the following header data in the Solution Manager Project Administration transaction:

·        Project

·        Project type

You are in the Project Administration transaction in change mode.


You can enter the following data on the General Data tab:

·        Project leader

¡        Type of leader, e.g. customer or system house (VAR/CBS)

¡        Customer person responsible

You can use the possible entries help to change the default user.

¡        Consultant person responsible


When a project team member creates a new project, the system displays his user name in the Person Responsible field.

The person responsible must be in the SAP system user administration. You can display information about the persons responsible, e.g. OSS user and e-Mail address, with Details.

·        Project language

The project language makes all language-dependent information for this language (project documentation and status information) available to all project members, independently of their logon language. You can only change documentation in the project language.

The project structure is created in the specified project language.


You cannot change the project language later.

·        Project description

You can upload or create a document, e.g. a project charter.

·        Status

You can set the default values for the status on the Project Standards tab.

·        Plan data

You can enter the dates for the planned project start and finish and the work required in person days (PD), in this tab.

·        Actual data

This tab allows you to enter the dates of the actual project start and finish and the actual work carried out in person days (PD).


The planned and actual data comprise the timespan of the entire project. Any dates specified for process steps, in the Business Blueprint or Realization phases, must lie within this timespan.

The remaining work required is calculated from the difference between the planned data and the actual data and generated as a percentage in the Completed field. You can manually change the remaining work entry at any time.


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