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Procedure documentationReleasing a Namespace for Repairs  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You have installed another namespace owner’s namespace in your SAP System (you have imported the namespace entry and the namespace objects). When you used the new functions you encountered a problem that you need to solve with a repair.

When you attempt to repair the faulty object you are told that your repair license key is missing or that it does not exist. You can request the repair license key that you need from the namespace owner and then enter it in the namespace table.


Use the maintenance view V_TRNSPACE to maintain the namespaces. To do this you need administration authorization for the Transport Organizer (S_CTS_ADMIN).


To enter the repair license key, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the Transport Organizer (transaction SE09).
  2. Choose Goto Transport Organizer tools.
  3. Expand the Administration node.
  4. Choose Display/Change Namespaces.
  5. The screen Display View "Repository Namespaces": Overview appears. Only those namespaces relevant to you appear in this maintenance view.

  6. To enter the repair license key, choose Table view Display Change.
  7. Confirm the information box.
  8. Position the cursor on the appropriate namespace.
  9. Choose Goto Details.
  10. The detail maintenance screen appears.

  11. Enter data in the fields as follows:
  12. – Repair license

    Enter the 20-character repair license key given to you by the namespace owner.

    – Last changed by

    You cannot fill out this field yourself. It is automatically filled with the name of the user who is making the license entry.

    – Date

    You cannot fill out this field yourself. It is automatically filled with date on which the namespace is entered.

    Leave all the other fields unchanged.

  13. Save your entries.