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Procedure documentation Create Upgrade Project   Locate the document in its SAP Library structure



       1.      Create a project of type Upgrade Project in the Solution Manager Project Administration, or copy an existing project, and change the project type in Upgrade Project.

The system assigns the current Upgrade Roadmap to the project, automatically.

       2.      Create the following logical components in the Solution Manager System Landscape (SMSY):

¡        If there are no logical components:

§         A logical component for the old component which is to be upgraded

§         A logical component for the target component

¡        If there are logical components, e.g. from earlier projects: Create a logical component for the target component.

       3.      Insert the relevant systems in the system role development system, into the logical components.

       4.      Assign logical components to the upgrade project, in the Systems subtab of the System Landscape tab.

       5.      Create IMG projects in the component systems, in the IMG Projects tab.

       6.      Create an Upgrade View for these IMG Projects.

       7.      If there were already logical components in your upgrade project in step 2, e.g. from earlier projects: Replace the old logical component with the new one (with the target release), with Replace Log. Component, in the Systems subtab in the System Landscape tab, in the Project Administration.


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