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To close a message, confirm its solution.


Confirm Solution, as End User

If a proposed solution solves your problem, you can confirm it, which completes the process.

  1. Open the message which you want to confirm.

  2. Choose Confirm.

    You go to a dialog box.

  3. Confirm the message. The system sets the user status Confirmed, and the message can no longer be processed.

When you have confirmed the message, depending on the configuration, you are asked by E-Mail to answer a questionnaire, to evaluate the processing of the message.

Confirm Message, as Dispatcher or SAP Processor
  1. In the assignment block SAP Collaboration, choose Edit.

  2. Choose Confirm at SAP.

  3. Save your entries. The system sets the status of the message to Solution Confirmed, which completes the process at SAP.

  4. In the assignment block SAP Collaboration, choose Perform PCC at SAP.

    You go to the SAP Support Portal Positive Call Closure (PCC) form.

  5. Write your feedback and choose Send.

    Your feedback is saved in the SAP Support Portal.

  6. To inform the user or customer of the proposed solution, choose Proposed Solution in the Details tab.

  7. Save your entries. The message takes the status Proposed Solution.

Confirm Solution, as Dispatcher or Processor

If the end user does not close a message, the dispatcher or processor can confirm a message for the end user.

  1. Choose the message which you want to confirm.

  2. In the assignment block Details, choose   Status,   Confirmed  .

  3. In the assignment block Text, enter a description of type Solution, to provide information about the message.

  4. Save your entries.