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You use this procedure to graphically represent processes. You can use existing processes or any other processes linked from a different (or the same) SAP Solution Manager project to your current business scenario. Graphically representing processes allow you to view their sequence of execution.


  1. Open a business blueprint project.

  2. In Business Blueprint perspective, move the mouse pointer onto the project and choose Expand to view the list of business entities present in the project.

  3. Move the mouse pointer onto Business Scenarios and choose Expand to view the list of business scenarios present in the project.

  4. Select a business scenario from the list.

  5. Choose Scenario Flow.

  6. Choose Toggle View/Edit Mode in the tool bar of menu.

  7. Select Process in the Palette view.

  8. Drag and drop the process to the Scenario Flow editor.

  9. Click the header of process that you have added.

  10. In the editable field, select a process from the list of processes present in the business scenario.

  11. To view process flow, expand the process.

  12. Choose Connection in the Palette view if you want to link two or more process steps in two different processes.

  13. Choose Save.