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Procedure documentationDefining the Test Script Interface on the Parameters Tab Page Locate this document in the navigation structure


On the Parameters tab page, you can edit the test script export and import parameters, to define the test script interface. The test script interface is the interface of the test configuration to which it is assigned.


You have created a test script or a test configuration. For more information, see


  1. To display the parameters of the main test script according to the order of the test steps to which they correspond in the test script, choose the Parameter Default Sequence.

  2. Optional: You can edit the parameters of eCATT or Component-Based Test Automation test script steps. You can, for example, assign more meaningful names and descriptions which make it easier to use the test script.

    For more information, see Composing Modular Test Scripts on the Test Script Tab Page. To navigate to the steps or parameters of the steps, of a test script, choose the All Possible Parameters view and choose Reference or Reference Parameter.