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The hierarchical list presents you with a selection of functions that you can apply to the respective elements in the list. To do this, you first have to position the cursor on the relevant element.

Then choose Request/task ® ...

Other requests

Selection of requests of another user; the selection criteria specified in the initial screen are used.

More requests

You can select new requests. They appear alongside the other requests.


Create a new request

Change owner

Change the owner of a request or task


Release a request or task


Delete a request or task

Change type

Assign the task attributes:

  • Development/correction
  • Repairs
  • Unclassified

Overall check


Objects (syntax check)

Standard object checks are performed on all objects contained in the request.

Check request consistency

Each object list entry must be syntactically correct. The transport attributes of the objects must correspond to the request attributes.

Display inactive objects

Checks whether the request contains inactive objects. You cannot transport a request with inactive objects. You can activate inactive objects.



Add user

Add a user to a request. A new task is created for this user.


Only the owner of the change request can add users to a protected change request.

Remove protection

Remove protection for a change request

Object list


Subobjects Complete objects

Subobjects in the request are converted to complete objects. This is useful for relocations, since relocations can only transport complete objects.

Lock objects

Lock objects entered manually in the object list

Sort and compress

Delete redundant entries that resulted from creating object lists manually

Object directory entries

Display/change the object directory entries of all objects entered in the request

Include objects

Include objects in a request. You can choose from the following functions:

Include the object list from another request

Include object lists from multiple requests; make a selection of requests.

Free object selection
You can select the objects you want to include.

Choose Utilities ® ...

Standard requests



Flag a change request as the standard request. When you have flagged a request as the standard request, it is selected automatically when you edit objects. The request selection dialog does not appear.


Remove flag that makes a change request the standard request

Validity period

Place a limit on how long a request can be flagged as the standard request. The flag is reset automatically when the validity period is over.



Reassign task

Reassign a task to another request

Merge requests

Move all objects and tasks to another request. The old (empty) request is then deleted.

Create transport proposal

Creates a transport proposal for the Transport Workflow.

You can find out what the colors used in the request overview mean under Utilities ® Legend.


Double-click a request or task to start the request editor. You can edit the properties, objects and documentation of a request or task in an easy-to-read overview in this editor.

You can also display requests in the Object Navigator (transaction SE80) of the ABAP Workbench, and call the request editor.