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Procedure documentation Change Processing Status of a Comparison Object  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You have compared one or more systems with a source system (e.g. an SAP R/3 System) and changed customizing objects on the basis of this comparison. You therefore want to change the processing status of some customizing objects.


You have compared the customizing for a system or you have displayed an existing comparison.


Click on the processing status of an object in the list. Repeated clicking changes the processing status again.

The possible processing status values are:

Processing status values



This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

being processed

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text




The processing status is recalculated after every comparison. In particular all processing statuses for objects with differences are set to Open again, even if you changed the processing status in the last comparison. If you have objects in your list which still have differences which are not relevant for your customizing, you can restrict your selection to the relevant objects with the Synchronization Group Editor.


You have changed the processing status of one or more objects.

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