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You can transport SCAs and SDAs using the Export Service.

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You should only execute SDA transports in exceptional cases because dependencies between development components are not taken into consideration and these transports do not guarantee consistency. You have to ensure the consistency manually in the target system.

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You can attach SCAs or SDAs to a transport request and transport them through your landscape.


  • You can transport a version of one or more software components completely using the SCA transport.

  • Only deployment takes place on the target system. A re-build is not required.

  • SCAs and SDAs can be attached to the transport request directly.


  • SDA transport: You have to select the SDAs to be transported manually. If you forget a modified SDA, it is possible that you application cannot be executed on the target system.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Example landscape: SCA transport using the Export Service

The figure shows an example transport landscape for SCA transports using the Export Service. The transport landscape consists of a development, a test, and a productive system and associated runtime systems. The development system has a development configuration and is connected with the Java development environment. The Java development environment consists of SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio along with SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure, Design Time Repository, and Component Build Service. The CM Services belong to the Java development environment.

SCAs are exported from the system by attaching them to a transport request in the Export Service. You can import the transport request into the follow-on systems in your transport landscape. The SCA is deployed during import.

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