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Procedure documentationEditing the Authorizations Tab Locate this document in the navigation structure


On this tab, you document the authorizations required for job scheduling.


To add an authorization:

  1. Under Add, choose whether to add the authorization in the form of an SAP role, an authorization object or a custom object.

    A dialog box appears.

  2. In the dialog box, enter the authorization and a description of the authorization.

  3. Choose OK.

The authorization you just created appears in the Authorizations list.

To change an authorization:

  1. In the Authorizations list, select the authorization that you wish to change.

  2. Choose Change.

    A dialog box appears.

  3. Edit the authorization.

  4. Choose OK.

You have changed the authorization.

To remove an authorization:

  1. In the Authorization list, select the authorization that you wish to remove.

  2. Choose Remove.

    The system removes the task from the Authorizations list.

    Note Note

    You have not yet removed the authorization from the system. To remove it, you have to save the job documentation.

    End of the note.
  3. Save the job documentation.

You have removed the authorization.