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The Analysis view provides simple reports on data stored in the integrated BW system. They display for each system in the selected solution how often custom developments were used in the selected period and identify new custom developments in the system that are used, not used, and new.

You can display custom developments that are not used and see any new custom developments.


  • You have integrated and configured a BW system as part of the Customizing project. This function must also be activated (it is not activated by default).


In the detail view, the Used Objects, Unused Objects, and New Objects tab pages indicate the actual use in the selected system.

In the detail view, the date information on the tab pages indicate when the system first collected the custom objects into the library. New objects are objects that were added to the library for the first time in the selected period.

To display custom objects for each system, proceed as follows:

  1. Select a solution.

  2. Select one or more systems.

    The system details are displayed in the detail view.

  3. Specify the period for which the data is displayed.

    You can use Granularity to enter the periods quickly.

  4. Choose Copy.

  5. Select a tab page.

    Custom objects are displayed based on your selection.

  6. To display data for further periods, change the period and choose Apply.


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