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In this component, you can monitor the business processes across your solution system and components.

You can make sure that core business run according to the priorities of your company and that the costs for operating a solution remain at a reasonable level.

  • Business Process and Interface Monitoring

    You use business process and interface monitoring to specify which business-critical processes and interfaces you wish to monitor. This provides you with real-time monitoring of your entire business processes in a solution.

  • Business Process Analytics

    Business Process Analytics enables you to monitor and graphically analyze throughput and backlog key figures.

  • Data Consistency Management

    Data consistency management allows you to monitor data consistency using alerts.

    For certain events, such as a system crash, mass updates, or changes in Customizing, you can determine data consistency tasks and tools, check their suitability, and use them.

  • Job Scheduling Management

    Job scheduling management (JSM) supports you in the automation of business processes. JSM displays and edits job requests, job documentationen, scheduled jobs, job alerts, etc.