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You can use this process to configure the SAP Solution Manager, immediately after installation, after an upgrade, or after importing Support Packages. The system leads you through this process. For more information about the areas included in this process, see Configuration Work Center of the SAP Solution Manager.


You have completed the installation of the SAP Solution Manager. The following configuration prerequisites are fulfilled:

  • The license key is installed.

  • The Transport Management System (TMS) is configured.

  • The connection to the SAP backend system exists and works.

  • The SAP Solution Manager Java instance is up-to-date.

You have started the load generator (transaction SGEN), for the following components, before configuration, to increase the performance of your systems in configuration:

  • ST




  1. To perform the assisted basic configuration of the SAP Solution Manager, start the work center Configuration of the SAP Solution Manager.

    The first time you start your system, you go automatically to a Service Activation dialog window. You confirm the activation of Web-Dynpro Services.

    The system then shows which configurations are possible, in the SAP Solution Manager: Overview screen. The system tells you which open activities you must perform for a configuration which you have selected.

  2. Execute the required and desired configuration scenarios:

    • In the case of a new installation, execute at least the configuration scenarios System Preparation, Basic Configuration, and Configuration of Managed Systems.

    • After an upgrade, check in the steps of the different configuration scenarios which activities are marked in the column Update. You need to execute the marked activities again.

    The system starts a guided procedure, and leads you through the steps of the configuration scenario.

  3. Follow the instructions in the relevant guided procedure.

    • Each step contains a context-sensitive, expandable help text with detailed information to help you perform the step.

    • The system proposes default values, which you can accept or change.

    • To edit the guided procedure, you only need to go to change mode once. The system stays in this mode for all other steps. The guided procedure is locked for other users during editing.

      • When you have entered data, you can save it with Save or Continue.

      • You cannot Save in every step. When you choose Continue, the system implicitly saves the part of the data which it uses later for automatic configuration.