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You can create and edit a technical system in Landscape Management Database (LMDB), manually. This can be required if there is no data supplier for a system, or if a firewall avoids the exchange of information.

For some system types, manual changes are required because, for example, information delivered by older data suppliers is no longer sufficient.

Note Note

Avoid manual creation and editing of system information, it can become inconsistent or obsolete.

Register technical systems automatically with data suppliers, as described under Register Technical Systems Automatically by Data Suppliers.

Data from the System Landscape Directory (SLD) will no longer be updated by automatic synchronization once you changed manually in the LMDB, because the rank of the LMDB is higher than the SLD rank.

Manually created data also must be updated manually.

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See Complete Technical System Information Manually.

If this information about the installed product instances of a technical system is not automatically provided by data suppliers, you must define this information manually. Finish the product instance assignment for the technical system before you assign it to a product system. Each subsequent change needs to be carefully propagated to the related product systems that contain the technical system.

Incorrect information that was provided automatically must be corrected in the data supplier. To avoid inconsistencies, manual correction in LMDB must only be considered in emergency.


Start SAP Solution Manager: Work Centers (transaction SM_WORKCENTER) and choose   Solution Manager Administration   Landscape   Technical Systems   System Operations  .

Alternatively, you can access the LMDB directly with transaction LMDB.

Create a new technical system description:

  1. Choose Create System and follow the guided activity.

    Depending on the system type, there is more information in the Help area at the top of each screen.

  2. After the Confirmation step, you can specify more detailed system information in the technical system editor, which opens automatically.

  3. Save your changes before you leave the technical system editor.

Edit technical system descriptions: Select a system and choose   System Operations   Maintain System  . Make the changes and save before you leave the technical system editor.

More Information

For more information, seeOther Settings and Functions in the Technical System Editor.