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You have the option of adapting the settings in the QA worklists to your own requirements.

By default, the lines in the worklist are displayed alternately light and dark.

Also by default, the overall view of the QA worklist appears if more than one approval step is active for this worklist. You then have to call up the view of those approval steps that you actually want to perform.

If you want to change this setting, proceed as follows:


       1.      In the worklist, choose Extras Settings. The dialog box QA Worklist: Settings appears.

       2.      To display the lines in one color, deselect Light/dark alternately. All the lines are now displayed with the same background color.

       3.      To define your personal initial view, use the F4 help to enter the correct approval step.
If you use Extended Transport Control, you must also specify the target client.

Saving Filter Settings

If needed for the overall view, you also have the option of saving a personal filter setting. To do this, proceed as follows:


       1.      In the list, select the column that you want to filter and choose Filter. You see a filtered view of the QA worklist.

       2.      To save the filter settings, choose Save Filter.



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