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You have a number of options for sending e-mail to reporters and other employees.


  • The user master records of the sender and recipient contain e-mail addresses.

  • The functions are set up in the SAP Solution Manager configuration.


You can send e-mail in several ways in the WebClient UI.



More information

Sending e-mail

  More   Send E-Mail  

The e-mail contains the texts from the assignment block Text. You can change the format (HTML or text), recipient, subject and contents of the e-mail before you send it.

Send message to reporter, as PDF attachment

  Actions   E-Mail to Reporter  ; Save

When you save the message, an e-mail is sent to the reporter. The e-mail attachment in PDF format contains a link to the message in the WebClient UI. The PDF attachment is created with Smart Forms.

Alternative call:

  •   Print   E-Mail to Reporter  

  •   Print Preview   E-Mail to Reporter  

Send message to Reporter

  Actions   E-Mail to Reporter with Mail Form  

An e-mail in HTML format is sent to the reporter of the incident message or service request. You create e-mail templates under   Basic Functions   Mail Forms  , in Attribute Context Service Request Attributes.

You can specify that the system sends e-mails automatically at the following events:

  • Initial support team assignment.

    This informs the support team members quickly about their tasks, without their having to be logged on to IT Service Management.

  • A message is set to the status Customer Action or Proposed Solution.

    This informs a customer quickly about the processing progress of the messages, without his having to be logged on to IT Service Management.