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In this view, you create comparison instances. You run a comparison by scheduling and executing comparison instances in a subsequent step (see Scheduling Comparisons).

A comparison instance contains one comparison object. You can assign a comparison object to multiple comparison instances. For example, you create multiple comparison instances for a comparison object to access function modules transported to various systems (test and production systems). To be able to do this, the names of the tables and data fields that you specified in the comparison object must remain unchanged.

The Instance Specific Filters area lists the filters. You can specify values for the variable filters that you created in the comparison object. This allows you to create multiple comparison instances for the same comparison object and specify different filter values for each – for example, Country="DE" for one comparison instance and Country="US" for another comparison instance.


You have defined a comparison object.


You create a comparison instance (see Creating Comparison Instances) that you can later change at any time (see Editing Comparison Instances).


Evaluate the comparison (see Evaluating Comparisons).