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You assign documents or test objects to scenarios, processes or process steps, in the Transfer to IBM Rational Project tab.

The documents describe test requirements and test objects assigned to them, on a business level. Pure test objects have no description.

You can specify the documents (business requirements documents) in the Business Blueprint or the Configuration. In the Business Blueprint, you create preliminary versions, which you can change or enhance in the configuration.


The documents are saved in the Knowledge Warehouse and are available to you in the SAP Solution Manager. The system puts the documents in the context in the Knowledge Warehouse which you specified when you created the project.


Before you can assign a document as a Business Requirement Document, it must have been created in one of the other tabs (e.g. Gen. Documentation, Project Documentation, Learning Materials, Development or Configuration). The documents must be edited in the tabs in which they were created.


In the Transfer to IBM Rational Project tab, you can assign a document as a Business Requirement Document.

To delete the assignment of a document to the structure, select its row and choose the symbol with the Quick Info Delete Row. Once the assignment of the document to the structure element is deleted, the document is no longer passed to the IBM Rational Quality Manager. If the deleted assignment is the last object in the tab, the entire node is not passed.

An object which is directly assigned to a structure element, is passed to the IBM Rational Quality Manager as a test object. A test object has less attributes than a document.

Where-used list

To find uses of a document in other structure elements, choose the symbol with the Quick Info Where-Used List.


To display the change history of the Transfer to an IBM Rational Project tab, choose the symbol with the Quick Info History. The change history of a document is available in its attributes.


To edit the attributes of documents that are passed as business test requirements, choose the symbol with the Quick Info Attributes.

Note Note

When you create documents and test objects, you can also specify customer attributes, which are displayed in their own tab. Only the default standard attributes are described here.

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Choose from the following tabs:

  • General

    This tab shows general document information. You can change these entries, and assign keywords. The keywords appear in the IBM Rational Quality Manager as node attributes in the structure passed.

  • Comments

    You can enter comments about the document.

  • Link

    You can link to other related documents, such as specifications.

  • History

    This tab shows the change history of a document. You can show the different versions of the document.

  • Test Objects

    You can specify objects to which the business test requirement refers. You can select from among the objects in the following tabs:

  • Test Results

    This tab shows the test results which the IBM Rational Quality Manager sends to the SAP Solution Manager. You can call the test results for your project in the Test Analysis for the IBM Rational Quality Manager.

A test object which is assigned directly to a structure element, has initially only one attribute. The system also shows customer-specific attributes which were created when test objects were created.