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The service definitions determine which data the Request Session Data task and the Session Add-On task will collect for a session. The Refresh Service Definitions task updates the service definitions from the SAP service system (SAP Support Portal) or from a master SAP Solution Manager system in the managed system.



If your managed system is monitored by multiple SAP Solution Manager systems, one of them must be registered with the managed system as the master SAP Solution Manager system. If you are only working with one SAP Solution Manager system, it is automatically the master SAP Solution Manager system. This prevents inconsistencies by ensuring that the service definitions in the managed systems are not updated from different sources.

If you are working in an SAP Solution Manager system, you should update the service definitions from the master SAP Solution Manager system. If your system does not have a RFC connection, for example because it is a high security system, you can update the service definitions through a transport from SAP.


See also:

SAP Note 727998



To create a task to refresh the service definitions:

       1.      Choose Task Create.

       2.      Choose Refresh service definitions and Continue.

       3.      Schedule a time for the task, or select Now.

Set defaults sets the scheduled time for the task to two minutes later, and re-reads the current task-specific settings.

You can run the task periodically or once only. By default, the task runs once. To run the task periodically, choose Run task periodically.

       4.      Select a target RFC destination.

Specify the system from which to refresh the service definitions. If you have defined a master SAP Solution Manager system, this master system will be displayed by default. If no master SAP Solution Manager system is defined, you can choose the SAP service system.

       5.      Choose Continue.

A new background task is created and its task number is displayed.


To find out whether a master SAP Solution Manager system is defined:


       1.      Choose Goto Settings Task-specific.

A hierarchy of task-specific settings is displayed.

       2.      Choose Task-specific settings Session Data Collection RFC Destinations Settings.

       3.      Click the Settings icon.

       4.      Choose Destinations.

The master system is indicated in the Master column.

There can only be one master SAP Solution Manager system.


See also:

Task-specific Settings


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