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As the person responsible for a business process, you create a concept to monitor it:

  • Determine which business processes and interfaces are particularly critical, and need to be monitored.

  • For specified business process steps, specify as technical requirements which key figures are important, and the threshold values which they must reach or not exceed.

Example Example

To optimally support sales discussions with customers, you want to ensure that it does not take longer than 1 second to switch to the screen of a transaction.

End of the example.

SAP Solution Manager supports your conceptual work by assigning the technical requirements to structure objects in a solution, and saving them in the system. In the next step, you implement your verbally formulated requirements technically. Determine key figures which address your requirements, and implement monitoring objects to collect the key figures, and generate alerts, if required.


You have created a solution which comprises at least one business process step or interface.


  1. As the person responsible for a business process, create monitoring requirements:

    1. Start the transaction CRM_UI.

    2. Select your business role. SOLMANPRO - Solution Manager ITSM.

    3. Choose   Create   Incident  .

      A dialog box appears.

    4. Choose the transaction type SMOR (Monitoring Request).

    5. Enter the following data:

      • Description: Describe the requirement briefly, e.g. VA01 < 1sek.

      • Reporter: Assign your user.

      • Processor: Assign the user who is to implement the technical requirements by setting up the monitoring objects.

      • Priority: The priority has no technical significance, it helps you to create your workflow.

    6. Add the text template delivered by SAP with a questionnaire, under Text, and specify the technical requirements of the business process or business process step.

    7. To specify the technical requirements of the business process or business process step, proceed as follows:

      1. Under Solutions, choose   Add   Solution  .

        A dialog box appears.

      2. Specify the solution.

      3. Under Solution Structure, select the solution, and choose   Add   Structure Object  .

      4. Go to the business process or interface which you want to assign to the technical requirement.

    8. Save your entries.

  2. To display the technical requirement for the technical implementation, proceed as follows:

    1. In the Business Process Operations work center, choose Set Up Business Monitoring.

    2. Under Context Navigation, go to the business process step or interface to which you have assigned the technical requirement.

    3. In the Technical Requirement tab, choose the ID of a technical requirement to display.

More Information

To implement the technical requirement, set up a monitoring object. For more information, see Setting Up Monitoring Objects.