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The WebClient UI contains a range of integrated functions and information options that you can use both in requests for change and change documents.


You can use the following functions:

  • Actions

  • Create analyses with the Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA)

    You can start urgent and normal changes and error corrections, in change requests, in the action Analyses, in the Business Process Change Analyzer. Solution, project and transaction ID are copied from the transaction, and displayed in the BPCA. The system can now analyze the changes made in the change transaction. See also Specify Scope of the Change Events in Change Transaction.

  • Link to projects and solutions

  • Documents

  • Test Management

  • Prioritizing and categorizing the change transaction

    You can categorize the change, in the Details assignment block, under Category. You can choose further subcategories to be more exact, depending on the category.

    Note Note

    Which categories are displayed depends on the targets in the statistical evaluation of the change transactions, and on how your system is configured. Ask the person responsible for your system about the significance of the customer-specific categories available to you. For more information about configuration, see SAP Solution Manager Customizing, under   Capabilities   Change Control Management   Standard Configuration   Transaction Types   Multi-Level Categorization  .

    End of the note.

    For more information, see the SAP Library for SAP Customer Relationship Management in the SAP Help Portal, under   Release SAP CRM 7.0 or higher   Application Help   Basic Functions   Multi-Level Categorization  .

  • Identifying reference objects, such as customer installation and configuration elements. See also Reference Objects.

  • Error log and error handling. See also Troubleshooting in Change Documents

  • Text management

  • Attachments

  • SAP Notes

  • Time recording

You can specify the visibility and usage of some fields in change transactions, depending on the user status and the authorization in the change transaction. In Customizing for SAP Solution Manager, choose   Capabilities   Change Request Management   Standard Configuration   Change Request Management Framework   Adjust UI Elements by User Status  .

You can make settings for the following assignment blocks:

  • Details

  • Projects

  • Solutions

  • Documents

  • Test Management

  • Scope

  • Transport Management

Example Example

You can restrict the editability or visibility of UI elements via authorization objects, for example, in the following cases:

  • Only change managers are allowed to check in or check out a solution, and reassign projects

  • Only administrators are allowed to decouple or assign transport requests. Change managers and developers inform them about the content, and the administrator does the actual decoupling or reassignment.

End of the example.