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SAP delivers Support Packages to correct errors. As of SAP NetWeaver 7.0, SAP also deliver Enhancement Packages (EHP), which contain new functionalities. SAP Add-ons also extend functionality.
Support Packages, EHPs, and Add-ons may contain language-dependent data, such as message texts, ABAP texts, or screen texts. Once you have imported a package of this type, the translated texts for these objects are up-to-date for all languages in the system and package.
Problems can occur if you want to import another language from the language CD into a system into which Support Packages, EHPs, or Add-ons have already been imported. The language CD is created before the first Support Packages, and objects are only translated into the languages already imported into the system during an import. This means that when you then import another language, you affect the translations of the objects in the Support Packages, EHPs, or Add-on. Texts may be outdated or missing altogether.
For detailed information and an overview of solution strategies in various releases, see SAP Notes 195442 and 352941.
As of SAP Web AS 6.20 you can import language data from Support Packages, EHPs, and Add-ons to make your languages consistent.

To do so, proceed as follows:


       1.      Call transaction SMLT.

       2.      Choose Language Special Actions Import Support Packages.



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