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IT Service Management provides various message processing reports. The reports use the same data, but display it differently. Employees can thus answer different questions, depending on their role.


Solution Manager Reporting

Business Warehouse Message reporting analyzes the Incident Management work center data.

For more information about Solution Manager reports, see Incident Management Reporting.

ITSM BW Reporting

IT service management reporting in the WebClient UI is based on the Business Warehouse reporting infrastructure.

The processing of incidents, problems, change requests and change documents can be analyzed and displayed graphically, based on detailed queries. You can look for improvements interactively in operational processing.

The underlying date is extracted from the Solution Manager system regularly, at specified intervals.

There are the following reports, depending on the transaction type:

  • Total number

  • Average processing time

  • Time recording

  • System load

  • Source

  • SLA

  • Status iterations

You can filter the data according to various criteria.

For more information about IT service management reporting in the WebClient UI, see IT Service Management: Reports.

ITSM BW Dashboard

You go to the IT Service Management dashboard. This management overview shows whether the monitored process is running as intended.

The dashboard contains apps which tell you the number of open change requests, the average processing time for a message, and the message processing quality.

For further information about the IT Service Management dashboard, see IT Service Management Dashboard.