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When you have created the comparison object with the comparison tables, and have assigned the table relationships in and between the systems, you generate the extractors for the comparison. For ABAP systems, the system creates the function modules executed during a comparison when you generate these extractors. For non-ABAP systems, the system creates SQL statements to read the data during a comparison when you generate these extractors. You can test the SQL statements in the application before you generate them.

When you have changed settings in the comparison object, you generate the comparison object again so that the extractors take into account the changes in the systems.

When the application generates the extractors, it tests the connection and validates the comparison object. If errors occur, the application terminates generation. Before generation starts, you should therefore check the connection and the comparison object.

Note Note

If you have saved the comparison data in an XML file in SAP Solution Manager, do not generate anything because the system reads the data directly from the XML file. However, you can test the specified path.

End of the note.


  • You have created a comparison object by:

    • Creating comparison tables

    • Creating foreign keys for the tables in a system if required

    • Assigning the data fields in the two systems to one another


  1. To test the connection, choose Test Connection (Test Connection) (applies only to the source types RFC to ABAP System and Remote DB (Generic ADBC)).

  2. To test the comparison object, choose Validate Comparison Object (Validate Comparison Object).

  3. The remaining details depend on the type of data source:

    • RFC to ABAP System

      • Choose   Comparison Object   Display   and then Generate (Generate).

        A dialog box appears.

      • Enter data as required.

        Only specify a transport request if the function module is to be transported. If the function module is not to be transported, leave the field empty.

      • Save your entries.

      Note Note

      Here, you specify the connection for initial function module creation. Create the function module in a development system. Test the function module and the function group in the specified development system. Then transport the function module to a test system.

      In comparison instances, you can connect systems different to those in the comparison objects. To execute the comparison object for multiple comparison instances, transport the function module to the systems that contains the tables that you want to compare. In other words, if you have created a function module in multiple systems, create multiple comparison instances to compare the tables in the various systems.

      End of the note.
    • Remote DB (Generic ADBC):

      • Choose   Comparison Object   Display   and then Generate (Generate).

      • Check the SQL statement for the extractor and the count statement.


You have now fully created the comparison object.