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You want to allow end users to request background processing changes in Service Desk messages. You link the job documentation to the message, to be able to trace the changes in the SAP Solution Manager. You want to accept or reject the requested changes in Change Request Management, and document the change phases and background processing, for example, development and testing, centrally.


The following applications are configured:

  • Service Desk

  • Change Request Managememt

  • Job Scheduling Management

    Web Client: You have configured the assignment block Job Scheduling Management.

    For more information, see the Customizing for Capabilities, under   Job Scheduling Management   Integration with Change Request Management   Change Request Management Transaction Types  .


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Change Request Management and Job Documentation Process Overview

  1. The end user creates a job request based on a Service Desk message with the transaction type Incident.

    For more information, see Job Request.

  2. The Service Desk staff member processes the job request. He creates an associated change request, and assigns a Change Manager to it.

    For more information, see Edit Job Request.

  3. The change manager either approves or rejects the change request.

    If he approves the change request, the system creates the associated change document. Job Scheduling Management supports all Change Request Management change documents, depending on the Customizing settings. From the change document, you can create and edit the job documentation. For more information, see Editing Job Scheduling Change Documents.

    Recommendation Recommendation

    Use change document type Administrative Change (change type SMAD) for changes in job management. This change document type depends on transport management, and reduces your management effort by restricting it to job management.

    End of the recommendation.
  4. The Service Desk staff member processes the change document.

    1. The Service Desk staff member displays and checks the changes that have been made to the job documentation.

      For more information, see Compare Job Documentation with Job Request.

    2. The Service Desk staff member updates the job documentation with the parameters in the job request.

      For more information, see Copy Job Request Data into Job Documentation.

    3. The Service Desk staff member can make further changes to the job documentation.

      For more information, see Changing Job Documentation.