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You can assign test plans and test packages to requests for change and change documents, to document and track tests, and execute them directly. Do so in the Test Management assignment block, in change mode.


  • Assignment of test plans and test packages from the Test Workbench

    If you have already assigned a project or solution, the system displays only the test plans and test packages that belong to it. If you have not yet made an assignment, you can only assign test packages.

    You can add new assignments, and change existing ones, as long as the test for the change document has not yet begun, that is, as long as the status allows it.

  • Navigation to test execution in the tester worklist

  • Display test status in the status info system for test plans and test packages

    To display the status info system and the test report, select a line with a test plan or test package, and choose the desired function.


  1. To assign a test item to your change, go to the Test Management assignment block and choose Add.

  2. The system displays a search screen.

  3. Use the available search criteria to find the test item to add to the change transaction.

  4. Confirm your selection.

  5. The system adds the test item to the assignment block.

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