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This procedure schedules a job from the SAP Solution Manager system, in a managed system, via the BC-XBP interface. For further information, see Scheduling Jobs Directly.


  • You have made the system settings required to schedule a job in SAP Solution Manager, under   Capabilities (Optional)   Job Scheduling Management  .

  • Your are authorized to run the job scheduling management, and to call the BC-XBP interface.

  • You have created job documentation and assigned this to a logical component, directly or via a business process step.

  • You have selected the BC-XBP scheduler in the job documentation and have added at least one step.

  • You have set up a trusted RFC connection between the SAP Solution Manager and the target system (transaction SMSY) and have authorized the user in the target system for the BC-XBP interface and job scheduling.

  • You have opened the Job Documentation application in the Job Management work center.


To open the application for scheduling jobs from the job documentation, select a system on the Systems tab, and choose Schedule.

The application header contains, for example, the following data:

  • Job name

  • Job number

  • System to which the job is assigned

  • Client to which the job is assigned

  • Logical component to which the job is assigned

  • Business process step to which the job is assigned

To start scheduling a job, choose Change.

Scheduling Tab

You schedule a job on this tab. You have the following options:

  • Import a job

    You can import existing data from the current system.

    1. Choose an RFC connection.

    2. Choose Import.

    3. Search for relevant jobs.

      Note Note

      You can restrict your search be specifying the from and to dates for the start time of the job.

      End of the note.
    4. Select a job.

    5. Choose Import.

      The imported data is displayed.

    6. Save the imported data.

  • Create a job

    You can schedule a job in the current system. Proceed as follows:

    1. Choose an RFC connection.

    2. Enter a job name and choose a job class.

      Note Note

      You cannot change the job class for job scheduling with the BC-XCP scheduler.

      End of the note.
    3. Enter the start conditions:

      1. Choose the start condition (Now, Date/Time, By Job, By Result, or By Solution Type).

      2. Choose a start date: Enter the start date or use the input help to call the calendar. The format is

      3. Select a start time. The format is

      4. For a periodic job, select a period (minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, one-off).

    4. You can add step parameters.

    5. Choose Schedule.

      The job number appears in the display field.

    6. Save your entries.

    7. To release the job in the target system, choose Job Selection.

      You go to the transaction SM37 in the target system.

  • Change a job

    You can change the scheduling of a job as long as it has not been completed. Proceed as follows:

    1. Make changes.

      Note Note

      When you change a periodic job, the system searches for the changeable successor and only changes this successor.

      If there is more than one changeable job with the same name, the system does not change any of these jobs.

      End of the note.
    2. Save your entries.

    3. To release the job in the target system, select Release.

    You go to the transaction SM37 in the target system.

  • Delete a job

    You can deschedule a job until it is released. Proceed as follows:

    1. Choose an RFC connection.

    2. Choose Delete.

    3. Save your entries.

  • Check the RFC Connection

    You can check the connection to the target system. Proceed as follows:

    1. Choose an RFC connection.

    2. Choose Check.

      The system displays information about the target system and the BC-XBP interface.

  • Display job status

    • To display the current status of the job, choose Status.

  • Display Job Logs

    When a job has the status Finished, you can display the job log.

    • Choose Job Log.

  • Select a job in the target system

    You can view the scheduled jobs by their status in the target system.

    • Choose Job Selection.

      You go to the transaction SM37 in the target system. You can, for example, release a job scheduled with the job documentation.

  • Analyze runtime errors in the target system

    • To analyze runtime errors, choose Runtime Errors.

      You go to the job analysis of transaction ST22 in the target system.

  • Job analysis in the target system

    Prerequisite: You have implemented the current version of the ST-PI plug-in in the SAP Solution Manager system and in the connected managed systems.

    • To analyze a job in the target system, select Job Analysis.

      You go to the transaction ST13 in the target system.

For more information about scheduling background jobs in SAP systems, see Scheduling Background Jobs.

Follow-On Jobs Tab

This tab lists all jobs that follow periodic jobs already scheduled.

Note Note

For the documentation of follow-on jobs, the SAP Solution Manager has to evaluate the parent-child relationship between jobs. For this purpose, you need to activate the Parent-Child Relationship function in the target system using program INITXBP2.

End of the note.

To display the follow-on jobs, proceed as follows:

  1. Search for follow-on jobs. Enter the selection criteria and then choose Search.

  2. Choose the follow-on job from the search results. If more information has been specified for the job, you will see this in the following lists under the search results:

    1. List Jobs Created by the Selected Job

      If the selected job has further scheduled jobs, then this list displays these jobs.

    2. List Follow-On Jobs of the Selected Job

      If the selected job is part of a job chain, this list displays the job that follows on directly.

Description Tab

On this tab, you document job scheduling.