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This report shows an overview of the job documentation. You can thus monitor job documentation and avoid duplication of jobs or job documentation.


You have opened the Job Management work center.


To call up this report, you proceed as follows:

  1. In the Job Management work center, choose the Reports view, then the Job Reports reporting view.

  2. In the list of reports for the Job Documentation Reporting, choose Report.

    A dialog box appears.

    Note Note

    Alternatively, you can also call up this evaluation by choosing   Job Scheduling Management   Monitor Job Documentation   (Transaction SMJOBDOC_MONITOR) in the SAP Easy Access screen.

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  3. To restrict the job documentation displayed in the results list, you enter selection criteria in the dialog box.

    • In the Maximum No. of Hits field, you can restrict the number of job documentation results displayed in the list.

    • In the Due Date field, you can enter the date after which the user should check whether the job is still required.

    • In the fields From (Days before Today) and To (Days after Today), you can specify within what period (in days) the due date must lie for the jobs of the job documentation to be selected.

      Note Note

      Note that these fields for the period are independent of the Due Date field.

      If you have already specified a due date there, the system shows in the results list all job documentation for the jobs whose due date either matches the due date specified or lies within the specified period.

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  4. Perform the evaluation.

    All the job documentation that matches the selection criteria is displayed in the event list.

    Note Note

    You can open job documentation by double-clicking on it in the results list.

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