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The automatic data transfer from the Transport Management System (TMS) is optional. The TMS delivers system names, clients, software components, and TMS-specific information for systems in the transport domain. This data is required for Change Request Management, for example. SAP Solution Manager stores this data in transaction SMSY.


To use the TMS, you have either assigned the SAP Solution Manager system to a transport domain, in the Transport Management System (TMS), or you have defined the SAP Solution Manager system as the new domain controller in the Transport Management System.


Amongst other data, the Landscape Fetch (RSGET_SMSY) job synchronizes system information between TMS and SMSY.

It is automatically scheduled to run daily during SAP Solution Manager: Configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP), under   Basic Configuration   Configure Automatically   Schedule Solution Manager Background Jobs  .

You can edit the periodic scheduling in transaction SMSY_SETUP, under Automatic TMS/RFC Data Transfer Mode. Select the Standard option. (The Overwrite System data in SMSY option is available for compatibility reasons and must not be selected. Only use it on explicit request.)