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Message is the collective term for various service transaction types.

Contains information for IT Services Support in a company.

Process in incident management that records this information.

This information describes events (incidents) or causes (problems) that are not an integral part of the standard IT service process and impair it, and requests with which customers request services.


An incident is an occurrence which is not a standard part of a service, and impairs its quality.

Business transaction which captures this information.

Service request

A service request is a user request for a specified service, for example resetting a password, or moving hardware.

Business transaction which captures this information.


A problem is a usually unknown cause of one or more incidents.

Business transaction which captures this information.

A problem messages can summarize a number of incident messages that report the same problem.


The message can contain different information, depending on the transaction type. There are different templates for incidents, problems and service requests.