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Using self-services, you can create new service documents for service sessions.


Note the prerequisites described under Service Documents.


  1. In the Service Documents area, select a service session in the table for which you want to create a new service document.

  2. Choose a link in the Session column.

    The self-service session for creating service documents opens.

  3. Follow the individual steps specified in the navigation bar to specify which information the service document is to contain. It includes the following information:

    • Solution Landscape

      System landscape, for example, selection of the system to be analyzed

    • Self Service Session Preparation

      Perform all technical preparation steps, and start the data collection in the target system for the self-service, and document all steps in the session.

    • Collect Data (ST13, ST14) into Session

      Upload the collected data from the target system to the local self-service session

    • Database Resources

      Overview of rate and size of the database growth

    • Self Service Checks

      Analyze the system landscape to reduce the database size. You can focus on the objects you want to analyze in detail.

    • Cover Page

      Information for the title page of Microsoft Word documents

  4. You can output the report in Microsoft Word or HTML format, and distribute it to recipients.


If, in the Service Document area, you select the service session for which you have created the new service document, you can display the related information on the Attachments tab page and open the document by choosing the link.