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The Service Preparation Check (dialog task RTCCTOOL) should be scheduled to run periodically to remind you to check for updates to the TCC Service Tools. These tools are used for service delivery.



To create a dialog task for a Service Preparation Check:


       1.      Choose Task Create.

A dialog box is displayed.

       2.      Choose Service Preparation Check and Continue.

A dialog box is displayed.

       3.      Schedule a date and time for the task.

Set defaults sets the time scheduled for the task to two minutes later, and re-reads the default task-specific settings.

By default, the task runs once. To run the task periodically, choose Run task periodically.

       4.      Choose Continue.

A new dialog task is created and its task number is displayed in a new dialog box.

       5.      Choose Continue.

The task is displayed in the To do view.

As it is a dialog task, the Service Preparation Check (RTCCTOOL) will not be started automatically in the background. To start it, double-click the Execute icon.

When you have completed the TCC Service Tools update, you will be prompted to set the Service Preparation Check(RTCCTOOL) task to Doneafter you have returned to the Service Data Control Center.



The Service Preparation Check (RTCCTOOL) dialog task is not essential, but it is useful as it serves as a reminder to check for software updates for service tools.


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