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For TMS Quality Assurance, you need to check all the requests in the relevant views in the QA worklist of the QA system before they can be delivered to subsequent systems.

The transaction STMS_QA takes you directly to the QA worklist.

There are two views of the QA worklist:


You cannot process any approval steps in the entire view.


You can set the QA worklist so that you only see those requests whose approval step you are responsible for (see QA Worklist: Settings).


The QA status for the requests in the worklist is reset as soon as active approval steps are deleted or added.

Note that, if one approval step only is defined for a QA system, the system displays the appropriate view automatically.

Checking Transport Requests for Critical Objects

You can also check transport requests for critical objects in the QA worklist. This supports the decisions you make on approving or rejecting requests.

Project Assignment of Requests

You can see which requests are assigned to which projects in the QA worklist. You can use the project assignment as a filter to only display requests for one or several projects, and to approve these requests to be forwarded to the delivery systems.


You have configured the QA approval procedure.

  1. You have configured at least one QA system .
  2. You have configured the approval steps that apply to the QA system.
  3. You have distributed the relevant information in the transport domain.


If you have administration authorizations, you can delete requests. For example, you have to delete requests from the worklist if they were deleted from the import queue of the delivery systems.


Be careful when using the function Delete requests. You cannot bring deleted requests back into the QA worklist. If you delete a request from the QA worklist that has only been partially processed for quality assurance or not at all, you cannot import it easily into the delivery systems.


If you reject a single approval step of a request, the entire request is marked with the QA status Rejected. A request is only approved if all the approval steps have the status Approved.

Rejected requests are not imported into the delivery systems of the QA system.

You can only import all requests into the delivery systems if all the requests ready for import have been checked (approved or rejected).

If all the requests for a project and target clients are checked, you can import them even if requests for other projects and target clients have not been checked yet.

You can always perform an individual import as soon as the relevant request is completely approved.


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