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Procedure documentationConfiguring the QA System  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


To perform quality assurance measures in the TMS, you must first configure the QA system.


The system you want to configure as the QA system must have the following attributes:


To configure the QA approval procedure, you have to be logged on to the domain controller.


  1. In the TMS initial screen, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text. The screen Display Transport Routes appears displaying the existing transport routes in the transport domain.
  2. Switch to the change mode by choosing Configuration Display <-> Change.
  3. Position the cursor on the system that you want as the QA system.
  4. Choose Edit System Change. The dialog box Change System Attributes appears.
  5. Choose the tab System attributes and under Quality assurance select Delivery after confirmation.


You can only set Delivery after confirmation for the whole system. If you use Extended Transport Control, then all clients with the following attributes become QA clients in the system:

  1. Clients that are the target of a delivery or consolidation
  2. Clients that deliver to other clients


Under Procedure you can determine the approval steps. You can also set and change the approval steps in the domain configuration. The step Approved by system administrator is the active default setting.

  1. Choose Copy.
  2. Choose Configuration Distribute and activate.


You have configured the QA system. After the configuration, the QA worklist is built. All the requests that are then imported into the QA system are included in the QA worklist. You can only import completely approved requests into the delivery systems.

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