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To help SAP improve the support it provides, after closing a support message, you are asked for your feedback about the processing of the message by SAP Support.


  • SAP Support has processed a support message and sent back a suggested solution to you.

  • The member of your support organization responsible has tested and evaluated the proposed solution.

  • The problem reporter has tested and confirmed the solution.

  • The Service Desk processor has completed the message, and you have been informed, with an SAP message number.

  • You are in the detail screen of a support message in Service Transaction Monitor.

Note Note

You can call and send the PCC form independently of the status of the SAP support message. Ensure that the solution is tested and confirmed.

End of the note.


  1. On the SAP Attributes tab, display the SAP support message processing details.

  2. Choose Change.

  3. Choose   Actions   Create Positive Call Closure  .

    The PCC form appears, in the SAP Support Portal.

  4. Write your feedback and choose Send.

    Your feedback is saved in the SAP Support Portal.