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The severity level app is used to display the overall number of independent custom code objects. Custom code objects can be rated with severity levels from 0 to 6.

Note Note

A custom code object is rated as an independent object if the severity level is > = 5.

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  • Independent objects are custom code (CC) objects that were programmed independently of SAP standard interfaces. This means that these are CC objects which differ the most from SAP standard objects.

  • The custom modifications are closer to the SAP standard than the independent objects.

  • Custom interfaces are the closest to the SAP standard interfaces.

The individual severity levels are:

  • 1 = Custom code enhancement with interfaces

  • 2 = Custom code enhancement without interfaces

  • 3 = Custom code modification assisted

  • 4 = Modification not assisted

  • 5 = Custom code object with SAP reference

  • 6 = Independent custom code object

The detailed analysis on the right side of the app breaks down the data to display the different objects types (program, table, etc.) and the respective severity levels follows:

  • Levels 1 to 2 are grouped in the Interfaces column.

  • Levels 3 to 4 are grouped in the Modifications column.

  • Levels 5 to 6 are grouped in the Independent column.


  1. After configuring the app, click the Apply button to view the changes to CCM objects and their severity levels. You can see the total number of objects for which you have set the thresholds.

    Note Note

    By changing the thresholds, you only change the corresponding colored areas of the gauge (green, yellow, red), but not the number of total objects. This number indicates how many objects currently exist as Custom Code in the system. Depending on the thresholds previously set, the color of the box with the number of total objects changes from red to yellow.

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  2. From here, you can click the Object Type button and see the severity levels classified by Custom Code type.

    • Percentage of independent CC objects (severity level >= 5), as compared to the overall number of CC objects

    • Gauge colors: red, yellow or green

    • History: up (green), stable (yellow), down (red)

    • Weekly or monthly history of new independent objects

  3. Furthermore, you can see a weekly or monthly history of new independent objects by pressing the History button.