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To be able to analyze projects, you must have recorded information about the project phases in Project Administration.

Test organization details are not considered here. For further information see Analyze test status.


You are in the initial screen of the program to be run.



       1.      Enter the number of the project that you want to analyze.


You can also specify a range of project numbers to make a cross-project analysis.

       2.      Restrict project analysis by specified criteria.

If you do not specify any selection criteria, all selection criteria are analyzed by default.


You can select by initial value as follows:

        In the Project Analysis transaction: Choose Edit Selection Options.

        In the Implementation/Upgrade work center: Double-click the corresponding input field.


You want to select all elements that have been started but not yet completed. Enter a project start date (actual start) and set the project end (actual end) to its initial value by double-clicking the selection field. The system displays the Select by Initial Value dialog box. Choose = (Single value) and Continue. Leave the selection field empty.

       3.      Choose Execute to start project analysis.


You can save your selection data as a variant in the initial screen of the associated program type, to reuse it as your standard analysis later.

       To change your variant, proceed as follows:

       In the Project Analysis transaction: Choose Goto Variants Save as Variant…

       In the Implementation/Upgrade work center: Choose Save.

       Assign a meaningful name and a meaning (short description) for the variant, and save it.
The variant is inserted in the tree structure on the Analysis initial screen under the respective program type.

       The variant icon in the program type initial screen indicates that a program type has a program variant.
You can call the variant directly in the tree structure by double-clicking it.
To get a program-specific selection of your standard variants, proceed as follows:

       In the Project Analysis transaction: Choose Goto Variants Display…

       In the Implementation/Upgrade work center: Choose Get Variant….


The analysis results are displayed as a hierarchy. You can switch to a tabular results display with the Table pushbutton.

This display format has a Node Type column, which tells you the structure element type (scenario, business process, process step, master data, organizational unit), as well as the Hierarchy display.


You can navigate by double-clicking on an element in the hierarchy or table, depending on the program type:

      Program type Cross-System IMG Analysis:
Navigation into the project IMG in which you can work as usual.

The selected structure title in the Project IMG is highlighted.

      Business Blueprint or Configuration phase programs:
Navigation to the structure element in the project structure, for which you can edit the status information or other business content (exception in the behavior of: Problem Messages).


If you change status information or business content assignments after you have performed a project analysis, you must perform this analysis again to update the results list.


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