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In any implementation, upgrade, template or maintenance project, you must activate Change Request Management if you want to work with requests for change in the respective project. You can also make other settings in the project administration.


In the project administration, you can perform the following settings under   System Landscape   Change Management  

  • Activate Change Request Management

    If you select this indicator, all systems of a logical component are selected on the Systems tab page and are thus included in change request management.

    You must now manage all changes in the system landscape using requests for change. Transports are then only possible in conjunction with change request management.

  • Assign cProjects Project

  • Assign Variant for Task List

    You can choose from two SAP standard variants with different transport procedures to the production system: You use SAP0 if you work with urgent and normal corrections. You use SAP1 if you only work with urgent corrections.

  • Create Task List

    The system creates a project or a maintenance cycle and a task list.

  • Show Task List

    You display the generated task list. The task list receives all jobs (methods) that must or can be executed for a project.

  • Show Service Desk Transaction

    You can access the processing functions for the project or maintenance cycle in the WebClient UI and change the phase, for example. For more information, see Processing a Project Cycle and Processing a Maintenance Cycle.

  • Show Project Status Switch

    You define whether and into which systems of a logical component transport requests can be imported.

    When a project cycle is created, the CTS status switches are deactivated by default. This means that the functions of the Change and Transport System cannot be used to create, release, or import transport requests. For troubleshooting purposes, however, system administrators are permitted to activate these project status switches. Double-click the project status switch that you want to activate (Requests cannot be created, for example). The switch is activated in the system. You can now create transport requests for a particular project without having to use Change Request Management.

  • Check

    You can check the configuration of the administration of requests for change and display details for the individual results. For more information, see Configuration Check.

  • Task Lists

    You can view all task lists, change documents, project and maintenance cycles, and other data assigned to the project, and can display related detail information.

  • Trans. Monitor

    Go to transaction monitor for list display of service transactions

  • Quality Gate Management

    For more information, see Checking the Quality Gate Configuration.